Lesson plan for Lockdown #3, Day 1

Updated: Jan 7

Fear not, fellow parents, you got this standing on your head while peeling a pineapple underwater. Here are *free* resources for Lockdown #3, so you can start at 9 AM with coffee in hand.

9:AM - Form Group School is not just about the academics, although it seems that way sometimes. We would normally start the day with a chat and then a quiet activity in form group. Maybe catching up on the news, with each-other, how the holidays went, etc. Admittedly, you have probably been cooped up together for the last 4 weeks anyway, so, here is something to get your minds off it and in the mood for learning, this lesson doubles as Geography, from ESRI Story Maps, link, by Victor Salinas Silva.

9:15 AM - Math (Get the hard stuff out of the way)

Khan Academy Without Sal's voice smoothly guiding me through algebra, I would not be where I am today. It is slightly confusing navigating the site as a Brit, but just remember that they tend to start a year later in the US, so 8th Grade is Year 9 and so on. A personal nemesis of mine have always been fractions, so may I recommend a recap here. Of course there are hundreds of videos, so don't stop here!

9:45 AM - Break

Home-schooling is really more efficient, so you don't need the full hour to get a lot of learning done.

10:00 AM - Science

They may look like arcade games, but really Phet Simulations are educational simulations for Science and Math, promise. I would not recommend playing for the full hour, here is a list of lesson plans built around the simulations by level: link.

11:00 AM D&T/Lunch

Get everyone involved making lunch, whatever is in the kitchen, it's about doing things together as a team.

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

1:00 PM P.E./Art/History

Maybe take that allotted exercise now before it gets dark and you can't feel your toes. (Remember, we aren't getting enough Vitamin D this time of year anyway, so now is an excellent time to start taking it as a supplement, if you aren't already.)

You could take a camera with you and take pictures of any January bird sightings. Or any photo really, surely will become the stuff of history books one day. When you get home, try to sketch the photo.

If you have a smartphone handy, you could try to identify that way too, or bring a good old-fashioned key.

2:00 PM Kid's choice.

Really, they are doing so well, and it is important they know that too. It is amazing how resilient they are. It is also a good time to check in with them and see how they are doing.

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